Pilot PRO Multicopter (PPM-01)


Day and time:

3rd - 5th December, 8:30am - 3:30pm

12th - 14th February, 8:30am - 3:30pm

Location: Jegertunet 64, 4990 Søndeled, Norway See: https://goo.gl/maps/tPuBazAog4E2
Cost (EUR): 1500,-
Duration: 3 Days
Prerequisite:  The course is ideal for medium experienced VLOS pilots. Minimum total accumulated flight time is 25 hours.
Remarks: Attending to Pilot briefing 8:30am is mandatory (every morning) to get a flying permit
Registration deadline:  2 weeks in advance of start
Registration status:  Available
Special Information:  

Pilot PRO Multicopter is a flight training course that will lead to a Commercial Remote Pilot competence (CRP certificate), upon passing the skill test. The course is intended for pilots who will fly multicopter single-rotor helicopter in all operator classes. The aim of the course is to cover the knowledge required in the drone regulations BSL A 7-1:

§36 / 46 - Pilot and PIC must be able to demonstrate sufficient skills that flight can take place safely and in line with the regulations. The skills must be kept up to date through maintenance training.

§47 / 49/51 - The general air traffic rules apply to umanned aircrafts.

§48 / 54 - Pilot/PIC are obliged to know the current airspace organization. Pilot and commander are also required to familiarize themselves with the current airspace classification and responsible air traffic service unit for the area in which an operation is planned to be carried out.

Between the flight sessions, during battery re-charging, we will provide theoretical topics in relation to standard flying operations. Since the course is weather dependent, the course program can be changed along the way.

The pilot is practicing the specified training patterns for single and multi-rotor flight program and performing the skill test for this program at the end of the last day.

The pilot must bring and use own drone (provided by own company).

The pilots who pass the skilltest will receive a Commercial Remote Pilot (CRP) certificate.

Prerequisites and rules for permit to fly:

  • Participants must have passed the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority's E-exam and must be able to provide proof of this.
  • Participants will operate under their own company license, unless otherwise specifically agreed.
  • The course starts with safety briefing at. 8:30. NB: In order to get a permit to fly, you must have participated in the safety briefing from the start, so meet up in time.
  • All vessels used during the course must be insured in accordance with the regulations. EC785 / 2004. The owner / user of the vessel must be able to present a valid insurance certificate before the flight can start.
  • The aircraft shall be marked in accordance with The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority's regulations.
  • Aircraft and other systems must be updated to the latest software version that is quality assured by the manufacturer (Beta or unofficial software is not allowed to use)