Pilot Skill Test, single- & multirotor (PST-01)

How to order: Call +47 90157393 to schedule an appointment
Cost (EURO): 200,- (excl. VAT)

Skoppum, Ski og Rakkestad (NORWAY)

Prerequisites:  Pilots who needs a skilltest for Commercial Remote Pilot status or an annual recurrency check (see: Training pattern for single- and multirotor aircrafts)
Remarks: Make sure you bring fully charged batteries

Skilled pilots is a main factor to mitigate accidents and satisfy the operators safety and quality measures.

Pilot skills have a tendency to deteriorate over time if a recurrency training is insufficient or non-existent. To develop and ensure flying skills the pilot needs to train regularly and the only way to determine if the pilot satisfy the minimum standard of compliance is to undergo a proficiency check. If the proficiency check is passed, the pilot will also have an impartially document as a proof of currency.

Typical Candidate:
  • Have not taken any of our courses (Pilot BASIC og Pilot PRO for Multicopter or single rotor helicopter)
  • Proficient UAV pilot who has self studied our pattern program
  • Pilot who works for an operator with a rolling agreement with us.

The pilot brings his own aircraft. The check must be flown in either MANUAL-mode or ATTI/ALTI-mode (e.g. must be able to switch off GNSS mode).