Proximity Operations - WEBinar (WOS-01)

Day and time: 17th January, 09:00am - 03:00pm
Cost (EUR): 600
Location: WEBinar at your PC
Prerequisite:  Experienced pilots RO-2 / RO-3 within the media, real estate, contractor and others.
Dealine One week prior to course day
Registration status: Available 
Special Information:  

This course gives an introduction to how operations can be carried out with high safety, due to a carefully planned safety regime, even if the distance is reduced within the 50m/150m perimeter (ref. § 51 a and b in BSL A 7-1).

The course reviews how to perform safety assessement in different scenarios and conditions. The course is suitable for RO-2 operators who needs to qualify for RO-3 or for RO-3 operators who have not previously received an approved exemption from §51.

The course will also provide good guidance on which elements can be decisive in the operation manual, before it can be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority for this types of assignment.