VLOS Pilot Proficiency Check (PC) single- & multirotor (VPM-01)


Day & time Call 90157393 to make an appointment. For operators with an annual PC-contract the Chief Pilot will make a schedule for the pilots.
Cost (EURO): Single pilots 200,- or 150,-/pilot (requires minimum three pilotes form same operator. During the ordering process use VIP-code: PCheck).


Prerequisites:  Pro pilots with the need for an annual recurrency
Spesielle opplysninger: Make sure you bring fully charged batteries for at least one hour flying


To make sure that the pilots meets the minimum required flight skills under operations on behalf of the company, flying skills must not deteriorate over time. Skilled pilots are one of the key factors to prevent accidents and mishaps.

An annual (or periodic) proficiency check (PC) is an important quality assurance if it is performed by an objective educational institution, because evaluation is performed by experienced inspectors who measure the skill in relation to a standard. Each and individual pilot is ensured an equal judgement because two auditors make their assessment, independent of each other. A PC also makes a positive contribution to the development of good safety culture and airmanship.

In addition, the Civil Aviation Authority sets requirements for airworthiness in the Regulations §28 and §36, where the pilot / commander must be able to demonstrate sufficient skills that flight can take place safely and in line with the regulations.

Upon passing the PC, the pilot will be granted with a "current" status on his certificate. The pilot (and Chief Pilot, if any) will automatically be notified of the time for the new PC, two months before the expiry date.

The pilot must bring his own aircraft to perform the PC.