Not attended a webinar before?

Here you will find some necessary info about Microsoft Skype for Business and useful tips.

What do former webinar participants say?

- "I had never attended a webinar before and I was amazed how "live" it was

- "Almost like being on a regular course. Even though we were eight participants, this went beyond expectations!"

- "Flawless, smooth and right to the point, but I missed the lunch table though"

- "Due to construction work with a lot of noise at the neighbour office, it was great to attend to the course from home"


What do you need to attend: 

There are really no special requirements beyond a standard PC or the internet access.

If you have a PC (usually portable) that is less than two years old, which is updated regularly and a regular internet access with 10 Mb or more, this will almost certainly work.

IMPORTANT: It is important that your PC is up-to-date, with the latest version of the operating system (either Windows 7, 8.x or 10 or Mac OS) and default security settings. This also applies to the browser itself. Make sure you have updated to the latest version. We've tested the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (needs latest version of Silverlight)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari

In addition, you will need a connected speaker set and a microphone, both of standard quality. If you have a web camera too (preferably with a built-in microphone), it will be an advantage, but not necessary.

IMPORTANT (to keep everyone happy): 
Before you can attend to the webinars, you must assure that everything works in advance with sound (and possibly picture). If you use Skype for Business at a daily basis, this is normally without problems. Anyhow, this must be tested in advance, no later than three working days before the webinar - contact Øivind (mob. + 47 90157393 or email: This is important to do in forefront, so we KNOW that things work as they should. If this check is not performed in advance, we risk that five other participants (or more) have to wait for you while you are solving technical issues.

What happen after you have registered and paid for the webinar?

Remember to pay the invoice no later than five days before the webinar is arranged. If you have done so, you will receive a meeting request by e-mail with a link marked "→ Join Skype Meeting" no later than 24 hours before you attend the webinar.

You should check that both speakers, microphone and any video camera are connected properly and work properly, well in advance of the webinar. 10 minutes before the webinar starts, just press the link and follow the instructions.

There are two scenarios to consider:


If you don't have Skype for Business installed at your PC, see below If you already have Skype for Business installed, see below
After you press the link → Join Skype Meeting in the meeting request email you follow the instructions, just wait in the virtual lobby for the webinar to start.

You just press the link → Join Skype Meeting in the meeting request email,  then wait in the virtual lobby for the webinar to start, and you are soon "airborne" at schedule.

Meanwhile, there is one thing though, which may ruin the day. If your company have limitations in their server settings (federation, outbound connections etc.), pls. look into the following workaround.


Rules during the webinar

There are some simple rules that we urge you to follow in order for everyone to fully benefit from the webinar:

  • Always mute the microphone during the webinar.
  • If you want to ask a question - just unmute, ask the question and wait for an answer. You may have the microphone unmuted as long as the dialog is going on, but when explanation (or response) is finished, pls. mute the microphone again. Muting the microphone prevents all other participants from hearing your key-presses, drumming at the tabletop, body sounds, etc.
  • You may also ask questions silently without interrupting, using the common instant messaging service. Everyone sees the question and the instructor will respond as soon as possible.
  • Feel free to write a personal message (no one else sees this) directly to the instructor (or others) if you wish. You do this by clicking the instructor's (or other participants message button).
  • We regularly take breaks, approx. 10mins/hour and a 30 minute lunch break approx. in the middle of the program.

What will happen if you cannot attend, due to technical issues (no connection, no sound, etc.)?

The functional test is your guarantee. If we have performed the mandatory testing procedure in advance (as mentioned above) and you still cannot attend to the webinar as a result of technical failure at your side, you have the right to attend to the next webinar or get a full refund on the webinar fee.

If, on the other hand, you have not ensured that the test has been completed in advance, you may attend at the next webinar, but you are not entitled to a refund of the webinar fee.