Are you ready for
Regulation EU 2019/947?
- We are!

Low Risk Pilot ?

We teach you all the operational procedures you need to ensure adequate safety measures

Our courses follows the recommendations provided by

Our instructors have long experience in manned and unmanned aviation.

Unmanned aviation is more than
just multicopters....

BVLOS/BRLOS operations are
one of our foremost specialities

BVLOS/BRLOS Flight training at our Mission Control Center (MCC)

We arrange training classes regulary at several airfields in Norway


The future of aviation is unmanned

We are teaching the next generation of pilots 

"Our goal is to inspire, motivate and guide you through the various subjects in an attentive and entertaining way.


We ourselves, from the first take-offs with remotely piloted aircrafts, or Cessnas and Pipers many years back, also were inspired and motivated by dedicated and highly skilled instructors to become pilots. Furthermore into a passion for aeronautical theory disciplines and practical, operational skills both in manned and unmanned aviation, in interaction with other operators in a common airspace, while maintaining a safety assessment, at all times, in all actions.


Now -- our obligation is to bestowe this legacy of airmanship to the aviators of the future "

- Øivind "Strings" Isdahl-Engh

Head of training

Fortunately, the norwegian legislation, excellent operational conditions due to open and scattered settlement and a pro-active CAA has given us the opportunity to build valuable experience and strategic knowledge second to none, within unmanned aviation.

Thanks to industry standard collaboration platforms we deliver ground school courses to our students as webinars, webcasts or via web-service independant of time zone or geographical location. All you need is a fair network connection.

Whether you fly single- or multirotor, fixed wing, a hybrid (VTOL) or a parafoil in the VLOS or BVLOS regime, we bring you from the single pilot novice level and up to complex multi-crew operations level, thru our pilot training courses from differrent locations in Norway, expanding into other European countries during 2019 - 2021.

We are preparing for the EASA regulations framework for unmanned aviation (Part-UAS), in a step-by-step process according to the development (e.g. JARUS), Notice of Proposed Amendment's (NPA's), finalizing and official approval of each phase. In the mean time we follow the EASA FCL framework and requirements when such are applicable (e.g. Declared Training Organization (Part-DTO).